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How to Make the Most of the #WorldCup Social Media Opportunity

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Written by Paul Steinbrueck

world cup blog social media ministryAlicia Jessop wrote on…

“As the World Cup kicks off in Brazil, it is clear that much more than teams’ rosters have changed over the last four years.  Rather, the means through which humans across the world communicate have drastically changed since soccer last stood on its biggest stage in 2010.

Think about this: When the 2010 World Cup kicked off, Facebook was two years away from going public, Pinterest was a mere two months old and Instagram didn’t exist.  Four years later, the biggest scorer of the 2014 World Cup may not be on the field, but rather, inside of the social media channels activating around the event.”

Unlimited Possibilities

The opportunities to dial in World Cup fever online are not limited soccer-related organizations or the World Cup sponsors.  In fact, the ministry opportunities are only limited by your imagination.

  • Churches, men’s ministries and small groups can host World Cup watch parties.
  • Missions organizations can spotlight missionaries and missions opportunities in the countries represented in the World Cup.
  • Christian schools and sports ministries can offer soccer clinics for kids.
  • Ministries that help the poor could do a World Cup of Soup drive.
  • Student & children’s ministries could create snow cones colored to match the flags of the participating countries.

World Cup Events and Themes

Probably the easiest way to engage World Cup fans is to write/blog/post/pin about the events and themes of the World Cup in ways that relate them to God…

  • Winning with humility
  • Losing with grace
  • Dealing with the unfairness of a bad decision by a referee
  • Teamwork

What do you think?

Are you doing anything related to the World Cup in your church, ministry or business?

Post a comment and discuss!

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