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Communications Resolution #5: Systems and Delegate

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

video-15Hi, I’m Paul Steinbrueck of OurChurch.Com! And in this blog series, I’ve been sharing with you My 7 Communications Resolutions of 2013. In this video, let’s talk about #5, better systems and better delegation…

In the past, I have done virtually the entire communications process, including:

  • creating the content
  • editing the content
  • posting the content
  • sharing it in social media

I realized that, that’s really not the best used of my time. I want to focus on the creative part, sharing insight, engaging and things like that. But there are parts of process that I can delegate. So for example when I shoot a video like this:

  • I can have somebody else to do editing,
  • I can have somebody else post it to Youtube,
  • I can have somebody else post it to our blog,
  • I can have somebody else create transcript for it, and
  • somebody else do sharing in social media or I can schedule the posts and tweets and so forth in social media

In that way, I’m not constantly doing the entire process and interrupting my data share things in social media. It will help me to focus, block out my time better and free me up to create and interact more.

So, that’s one of my goals for 2013. If it’s one of your goals or something you already do. I’d love to hear more about it. What your systems and process desire, so go ahead and share a comment below. And, let’s talk more about it. Thanks!

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Paul Steinbrueck

Paul Steinbrueck is co-founder and CEO of OurChurch.Com, husband, father of 3, blogger. You can follow him on Twitter at @PaulSteinbrueck and add him to your circles at Google+ as +Paul Steinbrueck.


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