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Where are you Forrester’s Ladder? [Social Media Infographic]

forrester ladder
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

Forrester’s Ladder is an infographic that shows social media engagement of a population in a graphical format. It was introduced by Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li of Forrester Research about 3 years ago. I became familiar with it last night as we discussed it in the weekly church and social media Twitter chat #chsocm.

It’s an interesting way to analyze a group of people by social media engagement, because it breaks a group down by the ways people engage in social media, not as a segmentation, but as a profile (that is, the groups overlap). As a “ladder” there is an implied hierarchy (more engagement the further up the ladder you are), but the researchers found people participate in multiple social media behaviors and not everyone at a higher level on the ladder actually does everything in the lower rungs.

forrester ladder

Forrester’s clients hire them to survey a group of people (voters, customers, people in a specific country). For each group surveyed the “rungs” on the ladder stay the same, but the percentage of people on each rung is different.

What do you think about this way of looking at the social media engagement of a group of people?

Personally, during a typical week I spend some time in all of these segments except “inactives” but primarily as a creator, conversationalist and spectator. In which segments of Forrester’s Ladder do you find yourself?

I would guestimate my church has about 30% inactives, 70% spectators, 50% joiners, 10% collectors, 20% critics, 30% conversationalists, and 5% creators. What would your guess be for your church, school, ministry or business clients?

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