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Analytics: Top Search Phrases, Posts & Wonky Keywords in August

Hello Christian Web Trends readers! It’s the first of September, so that means it’s time to check our analytics from last month and see what we can learn from them.

Top 10 Search Phrases/Keywords

  1. what is a qr code
  2. qr code
  3. what is a qr code?
  4. what is a webinar and how does it work
  5. what is qr code
  6. twitter to buzz
  7. elevator pitch
  8. mingle
  9. church website tips
  10. webinar means


  • As you can see, we’re still getting good traffic for phrases related to QR codes because of the blog post written back in March. Our ranking and number of visitors for those phrases was a bit lower in August though, so I’m planning a QR code-related post that will link to the previous posts to give us another boost in rankings.
  • Perhaps the most interesting keyword on the list is “mingle” All visitors came from Google and went to Practical Steps to Getting Started in Social Media – Step 3: Mingle When I search Google for “mingle,” that post doesn’t rank in the top 100, but thanks to the personalization of search results, it must rank for some people.
  • For the first time in a long time Facebook was not in any of the top 10 phrases.  Interesting.

Top 10 Blog Post

  1. What is a QR Code? (and 4 other things you should know about them)
  2. QR Codes: 10 Ways Churches Can Use Them
  3. Church Mobile App Survey Reveals What Church Members Want in an App
  4. Social Media: Don’t Be That Church [Video]
  5. 18 Ways Pastors Can Ruin their Reputation on Facebook
  6. 5 Solutions to Get your Blogging into High Gear
  7. How Willow Creek Has Embraced Social Media for the Global Leadership Summit #wcagls
  8. 12 Ways to Promote Your Band and Its Website
  9. Josh McDowell: Internet is the greatest threat to Christians
  10. 5 Reasons Churches Should Use Social Media


  • The top 2 posts were again the QR code posts.
  • Only 4 of the top 10 posts were published in August. The other 6 were all written more than 5 months ago. The prominence of older posts shows how important good search rankings are for blog traffic.
  • Social media continues to be a hot topic with 5 of the top 10 posts on that subject, while mobile (including QR codes) got 3 of the top 10.
  • I learned about #4, the social media video, during my participation in the weekly church social media #chsocm Twitter chat. The post about Willow Creek (#7) came from my participation in the Leadership Summit. That shows the value of engaging in events & finding blog post ideas in what others are doing.
  • I’m glad to see Shyju Mathew’s guest post, 5 Solutions to Get your Blogging into High Gear, made the top 10. The other guest blog posts were all in the teens.  So, we’re going to continue Monday guest blog posts in September.

Wonky Keywords

  • 2 // Yes, someone searched for the number 2 and found us
  • 3 year olds crying // That’s our motto… Christian We Trends: we scare children
  • 20311-6 // Um, I guess we’re ranking well for numbers?
  • 99999999 qeit // OK, now you’re just being ridiculous

Have you checked your blog or website’s analytics from August?  What did you learn?  What wonky keywords did people use to find your site?

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