The WHY behind Christian Schools

why Christian schools
Written by Neil Pierson

why Christian schools

This is a guest post by Neil Pierson, Storyteller for Covenant Christian School in Sydney, Australia.

Many Christian parents question the value of Christian schools. Discussions of schooling can often become arguments. Covenant Christian School is located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney Australia. The school wanted to help Christian families start discussions about the role of Christian education – but to do it in a non-confrontational way.

They decided video testimonies would help as parents are more likely to trust and listen to other parents than pastors or school staff. In the process they realized the video could have a far wider audience if it didn’t mention their school.

I work part time at the school as a Storyteller. It’s a great community and I was thrilled the school was willing to help other Christian schools rather than just do self promotion.

The final 17 minute DVD has been distributed to the school community and is available for other schools to purchase. A Why Christian Schools website was also created which features all of the content plus an 8 page booklet. The 17 minutes have been broken up into six separate videos. Each one addresses a different common ‘objection’ to Christian schools. These videos can be embedded in other school websites to help them communicate the ‘Why’ behind Christian education.

We realized a 17 minute DVD wasn’t going to change everyone’s opinion or understanding of schools but we hope it will create some discussions.

The website also has a blogsite featuring promotional video for Christian schools from around the world. This is designed to help parents understand there is a wide variety of Christian schools and better prepare them to ask questions.

Covenant Christian School believes it is up to parents to raise their children. The school can assist them but can’t or shouldn’t replace them. The DVD and website project is designed to help remind them of their role and that schools can also help or hinder them in their roles.

About the author

Neil Pierson

I tell stories. True stories. As a marketing consultant to small businesses and schools my main role is that of a Storyteller. Stories people can believe in and repeat to their friends. It's fun and I love the variety.


  • Neil, thanks for your post. What I really love about Why Christian Schools is…

    – It makes great use of video to share your perspective.
    – Instead of being self-promoting (for your school), you created an excellent resource many schools can use.
    – Instead of making the video only available on DVD, you also put it on YouTube where anyone can watch it immediately –

    It's well done and an excellent use of video and social media.

  • Thanks Paul and Stephen,

    It is great that a school like Covenant Christian School can see the big picture and help others. It is an amazing place. Almost all of the fundraising at the school is directed to helping others.

    I am hoping that blogs like this help spread the word about the Why Christian School project and it helps parents take a closer look at Christian schools. Creating the Why Christian School blogsite has also helped me in my marketing role. There are some good Christian schools doing great things around the world which I want to encourage and support.

  • I think this is such a great post! This is my 5th year working at a Christian School. The administration is incredible as it truly does seek to glorify God in all aspects of the school. Although there are some Christian's who mission field is teaching in a public school, they are few & far between. They also have to adhere to strict guidelines about "sharing" their faith. When I was in public school the majority of my teacher's were not Christians. Do I really want their worldly beliefs being instilled in my future children who have such impressionable minds? They are at school more hours than they would be home. How much more time does it take to undo the beliefs/mindset that a non-Christian teacher's is instilling impressionable children? Just as our mindset as Christians effect our whole outlook on life, non-believer's cannot help but teach from their worldly mindsets. I believe that until they are an adult, parents are to continue to instruct them in the Lord.

    These are my thoughts as an Christian, an educator, a k-college public school graduate, and Lord willing a future parent.

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