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OCC Helps Schools Communicate Better in Back to School Month

back to schoolGood communication between teachers, parents, school administrators, and students is one of the most important prerequisites to a child getting a good education.  The Internet has made it possible for schools to make huge strides forward in their communications, but figuring how to do that is no easy assignment.

September is Back to School Month at OurChurch.Com.  The focus all month will be on helping schools communicate more effectively.  Check out the things we’re doing to help schools this month and spread the word to the Christian educators you know.

  1. Win a $2,500 Website or Year of Search Engine Marketing for Your  School
  2. Does Your School Need a New Website?
  3. How to Increase Enrollment with Search Marketing
  4. Don’t Listen to Me
  5. New Website Tips Videos
  6. CWT Blog Goes to School
  7. Connect & Discuss School Web Issues on Facebook & Twitter

1) Win a $2,500 Website or Year of Search Engine Marketing for Your School
Yesterday, we kicked off the School Spirit Contest.  The winning school will get their choice of a custom designed website (valued at $2,500) or a year of OurChurch.Com’s Top School Search Rankings service.

Participating is fun and easy for any school.  Just fill out a short entry form describing your school and its spirit.  Then rally your teachers, parents, students, and friends to vote.  See the School Spirit Contest site for more info.

2) Does Your School Need a New Website?
Are you hesitant to show people your school’s website because it looks bad?  Does it frequently have old or inaccurate information because only one person can edit it?  Are parents constantly calling asking for permission slips, other documents, or details about events because they’re not on your website? Maybe it’s time for a new website.  Many schools are reluctant to invest in a new website, but a new website will will save your school money because it reduces the time and money spent communicating.  It can also earn money by making a better first impression on the parents of prospective students.  So, let’s talk –  request a free phone consultation so we can discuss the solution that’s best for you school.

3) How to Increase Enrollment with Search Marketing
Most parents who are searching for a new school start their search online, specifically by using a search engine like Google.  That means for your school to be considered, its website needs to show up at the top of the search results.  That’s what OurChurch.Com’s Top School Search Rankings service can do for your school.  We know finances are tight for most schools these day, but you’ve got to think about it as an investment, an investment that will yield a 200%-300% return when it brings you your next student.  Read more about our Top School Search Rankings service.

4) Don’t Listen to Me
If you’re still on the fence as to the value of a new website or search engine marketing, don’t listen to me. Instead, take 2 minutes to listen to Jennifer Snow, principal of Family of Christ Christian School in Tampa.

5) New Website Tips Videos
We’re experimenting with something new this month – Website Tips Videos.  Every Monday and Thursday we’ll be posting to our blog a brief video tutorial showing you how to do something cool with your website.  The first one – how to add a Google Map to your website – was posted this morning.  Take a look.

6) CWT Blog Goes to School
All month long we’ll be posting blog articles that provide insight to help your school communicate more effectively online.  There will be guest posts from people in the education field, and opportunities for you to discuss the communications challenges your school is facing.  And if you are involved in a school and have some useful advice you’d like to share, we’d love for you to write a guest post.

7) Connect & Discuss School Web Issues on Facebook & Twitter
If  you’re a Christian educator, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.  Not only will that keep you in the loop as far as what we’re doing during Back to School Month, but it will also help you connect with other Christian educators who are also interested in improving communication.

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