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Internet Access in Kenya

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

cell phone InternetAfter 3 flights spanning 21 hours and a 3 hour drive Jennifer and I arrived in Nakuru, Kenya.  I’m going to blog about the technology aspects of our trip here on Christian Web Trends.  If you’re interested in personal and ministry aspects of the trip you can read about that on my personal blog, LiveIntentionally.org.

While in the Airport in Amsterdam, I paid 3 Euros for 15 minutes of Internet access so I could check email and Facebook.

Here in Nakuru, our friends Molly and Joe connect to the Internet using a dial-up cell.  They have a little device about the size of a cell phone that has a small cable that connects to the USB port (see the picture above). The connection is pretty slow, 5 kb/s at best, and there have been some problems at times getting a connection, but it’s considered high tech.  They pay $40-$50/mo.  The nice thing is that’s for unlimited access, so they don’t have to worry about how long they’re online (and neither do I while I’m here).

Joe was telling me when the first arrived they would go to Internet cafes to get online.  It’s not expensive, but the connections there are slow and of course it’s a lot less convenient.   He told me broadband Internet is an option but it’s expensive, about $100/mo.

So, the dial-up cell connection is what I’ll be using to post blog articles, check email, and update Facebook.

It’s amazing how connected we are even this far away from home.

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