The Internet is a True Blessing for us!

Written by mojo2082

mollyThe following is a guest post by Molly Bail, co-founder of Springs of Hope Kenya.

The Internet has been such an awesome blessing to us, and the people we serve in Kenya. I really do not know how missionaries managed without the ability to access and friends, family and supporters and let them know what is going on in ministry, and their lives and the struggles they may be having on the other side of the world.

We can write about numerous stories where through blogging, and posting needs of children or the ministry people have stepped up, let God touch their hearts and saved and changed lives.

One incident that I can tell you…

ann…is when I posted a story about a little girl named Ann. She was horribly burned and disfigured when she was a baby. She was in need of surgeries that her mother would never be able to afford and by U.S. standards would be quite inexpensive. I thought I would like to see if there would be anyone who would want to contribute to her need. I was so happy that after I put her story on Facebook people I had not seen in over 20 years replied to her need. Thanks to Facebook she is now receiving the operations that she needs.

This has happened more than once as we speak I am taking a wheelchair back to a boy in Kenya whose need wrote about through a blog and on facebook.

My husband has written about some of our day to day struggles to let people know what it is like to deal with the needs of a third world country on a daily basis. This gave all who we are in contact with and who support our work a glimpse of our lives and what our prayer needs maybe instantly.

This is just a few ways in which the Internet, blogging, and Facebook have been instrumental in all we do in ministry here. We have people who raise funds for us through their websites, and blogging, and our orphanage being built has much to do with all the people we stay in contact with to let them know what are needs are, and when we need them, and how much further we have to go and how much more needs to be raised to bring this God given vision to fruition.

If you have a story to tell of how the Internet has impacted your missions work, write a guest blog article.

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