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Written by Paul Steinbrueck

finding God onlineOne of the things I imagine the Christian Web Trends blog doing this year is communicating more stories of how Christian organizations are making innovative use of web technology. I came across two stories this week that got me excited and I think you’ll appreciate as well.  The first talks about an upcoming online missions trip which 2,000 teens have already signed up for.  The second reports on the amazing success a French online outreach organization.

Christian Youth Prepare for Cyber-Missions Trip

Dozens of churches around the world are planning to participate in a special missions trip that involves bringing Christ and His message to a huge community where the Gospel is not the most popular subject.

So far, nearly 2,000 teens have signed up for the “Online Missions Trip” to bombard popular social networking sites with stories about God.

From Feb. 1-14, students from the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Bermuda and elsewhere will use the power of the internet to share Christ with people not only on the other side of the world but across the street and with friends in their school.

While “bombard” is probably a poor choice of words, it’s great to see more teens getting involved in ways to talk about their faith online.  More churches and individuals are welcome to participate and there is pre-trip training available.

Read the full article.

One Million Souls

Since its birth in 2005, the evangelistic website (developed by the Top Chretien Team in France), ConnaitreDieu.com (LookingForGod.com in English) has been launched in 13 languages: French, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Farsi, Russian, Dutch, German, Polish, Turkish, and English. More than 10 million visitors from all around the world made the course of the different steps through the website!

On Tuesday January 13, it reached the symbolic one million decisions for Christ!  Wow!

In addition to being a great resource to link to or share with friends who may be seeking God, one aspect of this network of sites I found to be really moving is that you can actually watch real-time as people around the globe make the life-changing decision to put their faith Christ.  Take a look!

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