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How to Love Search Engines

Belated Happy Valentine’s Day. Don’t you just love search engines? Sure, they can be challenging at times, but just like a human loved one, if you do the work to develop a good relationship with search engines the love you receive in return is well worth it.

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After Halloween, The Top 5 Pagan Holidays Ripe for a Christian Takeover

As Halloween approaches I‚Äôve noticed a proliferation of churches doing ‚Äúharvest festivals‚ÄĚ and ‚Äútrunk or treats.‚ÄĚ Christmas was also a pagan holiday that was Christianized. With all the success Christians have had at taking over those two holidays for the Lord (yes, that‚Äôs sarcasm), I started dreaming‚Ķ what other pagan holidays could Christian co-opt and came up with‚Ķ

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