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Assessing Your 2011 Communications

What were your 2011 communications goals? Did you meet them? What were your top communications accomplishments of 2011? Got any stories to tell of how good communications made a difference in your organization?

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Free Web Hosting for Christian Bloggers

One of OurChurch.Com’s goals for 2010 is to help Christian bloggers take their blogging to the next level. So, we’re going to try something new we hope will lead us towards that goal.

We’re giving away free web hosting to Christian bloggers.

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The #1 Resolution for Your Website in 2010 Should Be…

One of the key elements to a SMART resolution is that it be measurable. “Goals should be able to be evaluated with a yes/no or a numerical evaluation.” If you’re not able to measure them now, that should be your top priority in 2010.

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10 Questions to Evaluate Your Website’s Progress in 2009

If you’re serious about your website, now is a great time to take a look at what’s happened with your website over the last year. It can give you perspective on how much (or little) you’ve accomplished, how much (or little) things went according to plan, and much more. That perspective is invaluable for setting goals for next year.

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