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need him chat translator

Video Demo of NeedHim.org’s Artificial Intelligence Chat Translator

Most online translators are pretty bad. They can translate words, but they usually wreak havoc on grammar, sentence structure, slang and figures of speech. That’s why this demo of the translator that evangelism site NeedHim.org is testing is so impressive.

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kingdom of God

The Big-Picture, Kingdom View of SEO

For Christian organizations, search engine optimization (SEO) is not about one Christian org getting better rankings than another. It’s about all Christian organizations improving our rankings to impact the world and advance the kingdom of God

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egypt revolution social media

Creating a Jesus Revolution with Social Media – Response & Discussion

Social media is credited with energizing the revolution in Egypt. What does that say about the potential of SM to create a revolution for Jesus in your community? We weigh in on the original post by Jeff Gibson, Brandon Cox, and Chris Forbes & provide an opportunity for you to discuss it.

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