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Communications Resolution #3: Plan Ahead

Communications Resolution #3: Plan Ahead

My #3 communications resolution for 2013 is to plan ahead. Find out why.

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How a Deaf Person Heard God Through My Blog

Waylon Baily guest blogs about how God used his blog to speak to a deaf woman in his church.

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Top 10 Christian Web Trends Posts of 2011

Big thanks to the 78,000 people who read, commented, shared and guest blogged on Christian Web Trends in 2011. Of the 213 posts published this year, here are 10 most read Christian Web Trends posts of the year.

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5 Insights from the State of the Blogging Universe Survey

Results from the State of the Blogging Universe Survey are in. See what they reveal about the importance of blogs in marketing and communications.

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blog engage with readers

Blog Tip #3: Engage with Your Readers

Why engagement is so important to the success of a blog, and 10 ways you can engage with your blog readers.

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blog plan consistent

Blog Tip #2: Plan for Consistency

One of the best things you can hope for as a blogger is that your readers make a habit of reading your blog. For that to happen you’ve got to publish consistently. Here are 5 tips to help you blog more consistently.

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blog with passion

Blog Tip #1: Focus on Your Passion

5 ways focusing on your passion makes for a better blog.

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How to Choose the Best Blog Hosting for Your Blog

Thousands of companies provide web hosting services for blogs. To find the best one for you, start by thinking through these factors which are most important in selecting a web hosting service provider.

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blogger journalist lawsuit

Are Bloggers Journalists? Judge Says No and Slaps Blogger with $2.5M Fine!

An Oregon judge fines a blogger $2.5M after denying her the protections given journalists under that state’s media shield laws. Are bloggers journalists? If you blog do you ever worry about being sued?

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Kicking Off the State of the Blogging Universe Survey and Series

Are blogs still an effective means of communication and marketing or are blogs on the decline? Let’s find out find out together through a survey and a 4 week series full of blogging tips, insights, and interactions with other bloggers.

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