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church social media - Park Community Church

7 Things We Can Learn a/b Church Social Media from the Chicago Sun Times Article #ChSocM

Insight from a recent newspaper article on 3 churches in Chicago using social media effectively.

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Do what this church did to make your website easier to update!

Are you ready to move to stop dealing with the headaches of managing your website’s platform? Are you ready to move to a web platform that makes updating your site easy? Are you ready to partner with an organization who handle all of the technical problems that can occur with a website?

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Custom ILS Website from OurChurch.Com

How Did a Christian School Start the New School Year with a Bang?

Each new school year brings new and exciting things for parents, students and teachers. This year, the administration, teachers, students, and parents of Immanuel Lutheran School in Brandon, FL have something else that is new. Read more to find out what!

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Why you should think twice before doing this for your website

I talk with all kinds of churches that want to get a new website. And although the church size, denomination, and location may very, a very common thing I hear is this:

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What do you do when you want to get a new website?

It’s been said before that breaking up is hard to do. This may be the case in the context of relationships but it shouldn’t be hard to break up with your old website. The key to preventing complication is to put together a game plan on what needs to be done.

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