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the unlikely missionary by Dan King

How Blogging Helped Me Find Passion and Purpose

This guest post is an excerpt from Dan King’s new e-book entitled The Unlikely Missionary: From Pew Warmer to Poverty Fighter.

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Dan King Haiti

> @stickyJesus 7) Christ followers: the game changers

With today’s technology, you can reach in minutes the physical ground that Paul and other game changers covered in years. Like Paul, each one of us can use God’s Word to teach, warn, motivate, and inject God’s perspective into popular culture.

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31DBBB Day 24: How To Use a Magazine To Improve Your Blog

It’s important for us to look at other experts in marketing and see what we can learn from them. This time it’s print media that gets put under the microscope. Magazines are more similar to blogs than any other offline example.

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31DBBB Day 15: Find a Blog Buddy

One of the hardest things that I’ve ever done was to blog in a silo. Today’s assignment is to find a blog buddy – someone that you can share ideas with, get feedback from, and work on projects with.

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Internet Evangelism Idea #2: Facebook Prayer Outreach

I was sitting at home one evening minding my own business. I had some ‘serious’ work to get done, and it included checking out a few things on Facebook. So I signed in and attended to my business. Bing. The Facebook chat opened up with a message from an old friend…

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