Additional Guest Blogging Guidelines

So, you’ve decided to guest blog at OurChurch.Com.  Awesome!  If you haven’t already done so, please read Become a Guest Blogger first.  Then because we know you want to your post to be phenomenal, please CAREFULLY READ – don’t skim – these instructions.

Getting Started

  • Register. If you’ve never written a blog post on Christian Web Trends, you’ll need to register a username.
  • Create a bio.  Take a moment to create a nice bio including links to your blog, Twitter, etc. Use HTML for your links if you know how. Your bio will show at the bottom of your post & I want you all to get the link love you deserve. :)
  • Set-up a Gravatar.  Gravatar associates an image of your choosing with your email address. That image is displayed next to your bio.

Writing Your Guest Blog Post

  • Be on time.  If your post is scheduled for a specific date (part of the Monday guest blog series or other series), please have a draft of the blog post you’re writing posted to the blog by noon Eastern time the business day before it’s to be published. That means if you’re post is being published on Monday, have the draft submitted by noon Friday.
  • Include at least one image at the top right of your post. It’ll make your post look pretty and consistent with all the other posts. Here are 5 Sites that Provide Free Stock Images. If you look for images on, use the advanced search to find images with a Creative Commons-license and then include a link at the bottom of your post. We’ve not been able to figure out how to get WordPress to allow guest bloggers to upload and include images, so email me the image or a link to the image and we’ll take care of it. (BTW, if you know how to change the WordPress settings to allow authors to include images, please let us know.)
  • We highly recommend including these 7 Essential Ingredients for Cooking Up Mouth-Watering Blog Posts

Publishing, Distributing & Engaging with Your Post

  • Publishing.  After you’ve entered your blog post into the blog and saved it as a draft, we’ll review it, get the image set-up, and make sure the post is formatted correctly and scheduled to post at 7 AM Eastern on the publishing date.
  • Distributing.  We will tweet your post and share it to our Facebook page.  Often we also distribute blog posts to a bunch of LinkedIn groups.  We hope you will also tweet your post, share it on Facebook, and use any other distribution channels you have.
  • Engaging.  Please do your best to respond to comments in order to encourage discussion.
If you have any questions or suggestions about these guidelines, please let us know!

11 Responses to “Additional Guest Blogging Guidelines”

  1. I I just uploaded a post for your review, on using technology in children's ministries. I have a great photo of my secret weapon, which you indicate I should email to you. I don't see a name or an email on this or the previous page? I'm sorry- I must be missing it?

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  3. Have you tried using a plugin like User Role Editor ( to enable Contributors to upload files (media)? I've used this one on a client's site with excellent results.

  4. Echoing Cara's comment from above: Where can we find the email address for mailing the image for a guest blog post? Don't blame you for not posting an email address online — I'm the same way. Spammers are crazy. :-)

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