14 Church Social Media Ideas for Valentine’s Day

valentines day church social mediaContinuing on this month’s love theme

Last Tuesday we had another rockin’ #ChSocM church social media chat.  One of the topics up for discussion…

Clever ideas for using #chsocm for Valentine’s Day?

Here are 14 of the ideas shared by chat participants…

1) Maybe a “love your neighbor” campaign type thing….?? @PastorJenna

2) we are posting daily “love” scripture texts on FB. Pleasantly surprised how many people click on them to read them. @revjenn

3) Connect with people who feel a little more lonely on #ValentinesDay, and invite them in to community. @crazypastor

4) Valentine’s Day is another big Chocolate day. Another chance to educate about fair trade and justice. @FatPastor

5) I will probably post about the real Valentine @PastorJoelle

6) Our school kids are making ecards that the senior citizens in the computer learning class will open @Conductor222

7) Valentine’s Day is also a great opp for churches to serve parents by caring for kids on a date night. @paulsteinbrueck

8) How making/sharing a meme of Jesus with the caption: Who love you, baby? @RevWeb

9) Remind everyone they are loved EVERYDAY! #YouAreBeloved @thelepper

10) Hold a Blood Drive and hand out chocolates to blood donors! @MeredithGould

11) Used 1 Cor 13 on blog to talk about God’s love through storytelling link @caseyfitzgerald

12) flip the script – tell the world that God’s LOVE is for creation, animals, people – not just romantic love @J_at_Seminary

13) I could envision an instagram/twitter campaign to post pictures answering question, “What is love?” @FatPastor

14) Our church is doing vow renewals on 2/15 – should publicize on soc.med. @vcwoodbury

Bonus: It’s also the perfect excuse to quote risque verses from Song of Solomon. 😀 @paulsteinbrueck

Read the full transcript of the chat here.


  1. What is your church doing on social media to tie into the Valentine’s Day holiday?
  2. Got any other ideas?

I invite you to join tonight (and every Tuesday) at 9 PM Eastern time for #ChSocM

Paul Steinbrueck is co-founder and CEO of OurChurch.Com, husband, father of 3, blogger. You can follow him on Twitter at @PaulSteinbrueck and add him to your circles at Google+ as +Paul Steinbrueck.

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