Is Search Engine Optimization an Investment or an Expense?

video-41Search engine optimization (SEO) sounds like a good idea. After all, who wouldn’t want tons of visitors coming day and night to their site looking for exactly what they’re offering. But, of course, SEO isn’t free. Whether you hire someone or do it yourself there are costs involved, both money and time.

So, what are those costs? Are they just expenses or are they actually an investment?

In these two videos we’ll look at whether SEO is an investment or an expense as well as how to measure the results of the SEO to determine what you are getting out of it. The first video talks about whether SEO is an investment or not and what to expect to get from it. The second video then continues on talking how to know whether the SEO you are doing is helping you to achieve your goals.

Part 1:

Part 2:

“Hi, I’m Mark Steinbrueck, and this is Kurt Steinbrueck. We’re with our OurChurch.Com, and on this video…” You can read the full transcript at: Is SEO an Expense or an Investment?

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  • Do you consider SEO to be an investment or an expense? Why?

Kurt Steinbrueck is the Director of Marketing Services with OurChurch.Com. He also serves on the leadership of Family of Christ Lutheran Church in Tampa, FL. You can find him on Google+ as .

2 Responses to “Is Search Engine Optimization an Investment or an Expense?”

  1. I think SEO is a great investment. It helps a site increasing its backlinks and traffic.

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