Get $50 to Share Your #1 Web Design Question/Issue

visa-gift-card-50Our team at OurChurch.Com wants to help you overcome your web design challenges and questions. We’ve declared September to be Web Design Month. Each week this month we are going to “crowd source” a blog post. If you’re not a techno-geek, that means we want as many Christian Web Trends readers as possible to contribute to this post.

To make things interesting, we’re going to give away a $50 Visa gift card (redeemable any place that accepts Visa)

This week’s question: What is your #1 Web Design Question/Issue?

To be eligible for the $50 gift card all you have to do is.

  1. Share this post on Twitter or Facebook
  2. Answer this week’s question in a comment and mention the Twitter or FB profile where you shared the post.

Our team will address as many questions/issues as we can, and if you’re super-awesome, you can also respond to other people’s questions and issues.

On Monday Sept 10, we’ll select the winner and post next week’s question. You must be a U.S. resident to be eligible for the gift card, but everyone everywhere can get their questions answered.

Thanks for participating! We look forward to helping you overcome your biggest web design obstacle and improve the design of your site!

Paul Steinbrueck is co-founder and CEO of OurChurch.Com, husband, father of 3, blogger. You can follow him on Twitter at @PaulSteinbrueck and add him to your circles at Google+ as +Paul Steinbrueck.

6 Responses to “Get $50 to Share Your #1 Web Design Question/Issue”

  1. Can I upload my own music to play while my page is being viewed? If so, do I have to load some sort of media player on my page to do that?

    • PaulSteinbrueck Reply Sep 6, 2012 at 12:42 pm

      Hi Roger, good questions…

      >>Can I upload my own music to play while my page is being viewed?

      Generally speaking, yes, though it depends on your service. Some free services limit your space or ability to upload large media files.

      Another thing I want to point out is that there are mixed and often strong feelings about background music. Some people absolutely hate it, so, I generally recommend against it. But if you really think it would enhance the users experience, make sure you make the controls big enough and obvious enough so that those want to turn it off can do so quickly and easily.

      >>If so, do I have to load some sort of media player on my page to do that?

      Again, this depends on what you're using to create your website. Most online web builder and content management systems have a "insert media" button in the editor which inserts the code for a basic media player so you don't have to worry about it. If you want to customize the look or functionality of the media player, then you would need to use a plugin or some HTML for a different media player.

      Are you using OurChurch.Com's hosting services? If so, if you let me know the URL of your site I can give you more specific answers to both questions.

      BTW, you didn't mention having shared this post on Facebook or Twitter. If you'd like to be eligible for the $50 gift card, please share the post and reply with the username/profile where it was shared.

  2. Is it worth it to try to create a church social network on your website, or is it better to focus on your communities in established social networks? I tweeted this post on @pinebeltdesign

    • PaulSteinbrueck Reply Sep 11, 2012 at 9:17 am

      Hi Justin, that's a great question! There are pros and cons to each so it really depends on your church, it's goals, resources (time and money). There is more privacy in a private social network. But it's a lot easier to go where people already are. I'd like to go more in depth on this by doing a full blog post, however, because it's not specifically related to web design, I'll probably wait until after Web Design Month (Sept) to write it.

  3. PaulSteinbrueck Reply Sep 11, 2012 at 2:47 pm

    Alrighty, well, with only one valid entry in this week's drawing, Justin Grice @pinebeltdesign is the winner of this week's $50 Visa gift card. Congrats Justin!

    We'll be posting another giveaway post this this week later this afternoon.

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