Why GoDaddy?

whySunday evening GoDaddy was at it again with their over-the-top approach to selling domain registration and website services with sex and partial nudity in its Super Bowl ads.

In his book, Start With Why, Simon Sinek writes, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”  In this case the contrast couldn’t be more stark, so I’m interested to put Sinek’s theory to the test and see if he’s right.

Will people will join GoDaddy’s mission get people to rush to their website in search of sexy pics of their spokeswomen?  Or will people join OurChurch.Com’s mission to partner with Christian organizations to achieve their mission online?  Or does “why” not matter?

I’ve had many Christians sheepishly admit to me they’ve got services with GoDaddy.  Their embarrassment tells me why does matter.

We can do better than that!  Come join a cause you can be proud of – seeing more Christian organizations achieve their mission online!

Paul Steinbrueck is co-founder and CEO of OurChurch.Com, husband, father of 3, blogger. You can follow him on Twitter at @PaulSteinbrueck and add him to your circles at Google+ as +Paul Steinbrueck.

7 Responses to “Why GoDaddy?”

  1. Michael Strout Reply Feb 7, 2012 at 4:45 pm

    As I"m searching for a new Business/Domain Name or 2 to build my NonProfit and Go Daddy WILL NOT BE ON MY LIST. And WHY did another advertiser have to use the Texting LMFAO as part of their commercial!
    Why were so many of the commercials aimed at a T&A approach??
    Thanks Paul,
    Follow you on LinkedIn and Twitter

  2. I've moved all my domains from GoDaddy to Name.com in the past year. The advertising was one reason, and the cluttered interface plus constant upselling was another. The only reason I started registering names with GoDaddy was because they were about the cheapest at the time, but that's not really the case anymore.

  3. Why certainly does matter. That is why I host here now rather than with GoDaddy.

  4. Thanks for sharing this as many are aware of Go dady but those who are new might be not aware of this. So I think this will make them think twice before go for Go Dady.

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