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shelby systems win ipod touchShelby Systems is a church software company that was started in 1976 on the foundation of Christian values and the desire to help churches and non-profits thrive. By providing their customers with useful and innovative software to better manage and organize their ministries, Shelby has become a leader in the church software world.

To show how much they appreciate you, Shelby Systems is giving away a free iPod Touch to one awesome and lucky person who:

1) Shares this post on Facebook/Twitter or clicks the “Like” button below.


2) Posts a comment right here telling us who your favorite singer was as a child and who your favorite singer is now. Be sure to include the Facebook/Twitter account that you posted it to.

We’ll randomly select one winner on February 22nd at 5 PM Eastern.

Until then you can share/tweet & comment once each day, giving you up to 8 chances to win!


Paul Steinbrueck is co-founder and CEO of OurChurch.Com, husband, father of 3, blogger. You can follow him on Twitter at @PaulSteinbrueck and add him to your circles at Google+ as +Paul Steinbrueck.

94 Responses to “Win a Free iPod Touch from Shelby Systems!”

  1. Sweet deal. My twitter account is @toptechsites

    I didn't pay too much attention to music as a kid, but my favorite singer as a child as probably Michael Jackson. I couldn't have named more than 5 songs that he sang. Today, I really enjoy the worship music put out by Chris Tomlin.

    One question: what should we comment about tomorrow (and the next day, and the next day…) if we've already answered the singer question today?

  2. James Taylor was my favorite as a youth, but Bluegrass Worship is now my style, I love any music that Glorifies the Savior!

  3. My favorite singer when I was a child was Elvis Presley. Now it's my wife! 😉 @jwilkers

  4. As a child- The Rolling Stones- now Casting Crowns,

  5. I posted at

    My favorite singer as a kid was probably Donnie Osmund. Today it's Sandra McCracken and Norah Jones.

  6. Cart Wheel Manatee Reply Feb 15, 2011 at 9:03 am

    My favorite singer was Tori Amos, by far!!! Now I would say Anberlin. What a change!!! Right!

  7. Hi – thanks for hosting this:)

    My Twitter account is @stratlearning.

    Favorite childhood singer . . . wow, so many to pick from:) Let's cheat a tad and go with Paul McCartney/John Lennon. I always liked music, but when I heard the Beatles for the very first time, I knew life was changing:).

    Now? . . . hmm, even more to choose from now. Based on little more than my current state of mind, I'll say that Enya gets my nod. Her evocative lyrics, which I cannot always understand combined with that eerie Celtic music just gets my attention and puts me in a totally differnt place.


  8. As I child (and this is really telling my age and going way back) was Teresa Brewer. How times do change our tastes. Today it has to be a tie between Chris Tomlin and Michael W. Smith. Love to listen to both of them. Chris Tomlin might have a little edge.
    My Facebook account is:!/sharonw.joyfu

  9. As a child my favorite singer was definitely Michael Jackson. Right now I am infatuated with Amos Lee's new album, Mission Bell.

    My facebook account is:

  10. My favorite singer was Elton John as a kid. Now I like just about everything they play on KLove or Air1!

  11. I liked the beatles

    Twitter: @scriptsbywarren

    As a kid, we always listened to country music at our place and we didn't buy records very often, but we did have Johnny Cash and Lynn Anderson and I listened to them a lot.

    My tastes changed in HS and I loved John Denver, Olivia Newton-John and the Carpenters. It was my way of transitioning from country to the rock/pop that my friends were into. In my 20's I discovered Contemporary Christian and I loved a ton of artists including Amy Grant, David Meece, Bryan Duncan and Keith Green.

    Now, I enjoy listening to Michael Buble', Harry Connick, Jr, Kristin Chenoweth.


    As a kid I really liked any group that was gospel. Now, my favorite is Third Day.

  14. In my youth I liked The Monkees. Today, though not real well known, it's Charlie Zahm.

  15. My music likes and dislikes changed with my age. My early teen years were influenced by the arrival of The Beatles. Moody Blues and Credence Clearwater (CCR) became a favorite of the 1970’s. Now (as my hair turns gray) I prefer Maranatha Praise, or Carroll Roberson, or David Klinkenberge, plus classic hymns.

  16. As a child, I think I appreciated Julie Andrews (Sound of Music) the most.

    Now I have a harder time picking just one "favorite" but here goes: Laura Woodley Osman!

  17. I grew up listening to a variety of music. My parents listened to straight up country, even after country became cool they still preferred the early stuff. The youngest of eight kids my siblings listened to southern rock, rock, r & b, the carpenters, the beegees, mj, the list goes on and on…. To this day I always like to mix it up!

  18. The Beatles then. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers now. Many singers and many genres throughout.

  19. My Twitter account is @mhcintyre and I clicked the like button for Facebook

    The Temptations were my favorite singing group as a child. My parents listened to old time southern gospel music, but I was captivated by the Motown sound the first time I heard it.

    Today I gravitate more toward artists like Bruce Cockburn and Mark Knopfler

  20. Thats funny. I just pulled out my LP's (long playing albumins :} ) yesterday to show my youngest son (who is 21!). I have always really liked listening to music, and all kinds of music so its hard to say if I had just one favorite. I used to sing the daylights out of Barbara Streisand and the Eagles mostly. Now, all I listen to is contemporary Christian and worship music. Third Day, Toby Mac, Avalon etc.
    Thank you for this opportunity.
    I pray peace and blessings over you!
    twitter: @myMagen

  21. As a child, my favorite singer was Shirley Temple. Now, my favorite ……… it's a toss up between Chris Tomlin and Jeremy Camp.

  22. When I was about 12 years old, I saw a movie showing Elvis Presley in concert and I became a fan. He was my favorite singer then and he still is now. No one else sings the variety of music styles that Elvis did, and no one else can express the feeling and meaning of a serious song better than he could.

    My Facebook is!/jean.peavler

  23. Priscilla Williams Reply Feb 16, 2011 at 3:17 am

    my favorite singer was Lionel Richie when i was a child, but now I'm more into Gospel music and my favorite singer is Tamia

  24. I shared my favorite musical artists yesterday, so I thought I'd share my favorite books today. As a child, I liked to read mystery and suspense novels. I started out with random children's books, but gravitated towards Stephen King during middle school and high school.

    Now I enjoy reading the Bible (of course), and some of the classics I never read growing up. For example, I recently finished The Brothers Karamozov, which was excellent.

    I shared this post via my twitter again:

  25. As a child, my favorite group was Styx. Now, it's Toby Keith. Go figure. 🙂 @MabltonRebelRam

  26. My favorite singer as a kid was Aerosmith. Now I enjoy music by Chris Tomlin.

  27. My favorite singer as a child was 'Donny Osmond" OMG I loved watching the Donny and Marie show on television and dreamed about someday marrying him. Talk about giving away my age — lol
    Today, my favorite singer is Mariah Carey and I also like Daughtry. 🙂

  28. my twitter is @tony_robledo. as a child it was kansas. now it is william fitzsimmons.

  29. As a child my favorite music was country the best singer for me was Chet Atkins, today I am only into Christian Music and my favorite singer is Yolanda Adams.

    Twitter @CandleBaskets

  30. I would have to say my favorite singer as a child was Karen Carpenter. She had such a wonderful voice. It is so hard to pick now, but I guess I would have to say that Jewel tops my list. Especially her Christmas CD release.

  31. I loved Barry Manilow when I was younger. Today, I love to hear Fernando Ortega, Casting Crowns and Mercy Me. I could really expand on that list. I tweeted and my account is @schoolmomred.

  32. My favorite singers when I was a kid was the beach boys and now it's George strait

  33. As a child, Aretha Franklin. As an adult, Yolanda Adams.

  34. Twitter: @scriptsbywarren

    2nd post: I remembered that when my older brother (and wife) went to Germany in the 60's, we kept a lot of their stuff. I played their Bobby Vinton album constantly. Now I really like the Gaither Vocal Band, and have for years. But I still spend a lot of time listening to the old stuff. Even stuff from way before I was born.

  35. Hi my name is Yvonne lowor,i live in Saskatoon. 557 costigan road at a Lakewood. (3069332282). God bless u very much for doing this. Even if i do not win i like what u guys did great and an awesome job. My favorite musician is ohemma mercy she is a woman in Ghana. I come form west Africa from Ghana. Anyway bye and God bless u!!!!

  36. When I was young I liked Karen Carpenter as her songs were easy to sing. Have a lot of Karen & Richard Carpenter's CDs.
    Now Celine Dion is one of my favorite singers especially her song, "Have You Ever Been in Love". There are many more favorite singers.

  37. Wow! This is wonderful. My childhood music favorite were the U-B 40. Now my favorite music are by Don Moen and Michael W, Smith. Also the 3 wooden crosses.

  38. Day 3. This is such a sweet giveaway. How could I not come back and leave another comment for another chance to win?

    It's amazing how much music touches us. I have a ton of CD cases (just the cases…I lost the CDs years ago) just sitting in boxes. I can't possibly part with them…they have so many memories attached to them.

    I shared this post via my twitter again:

  39. John Smith at @stratlearner. My 2nd post, also tweeted this AM:

    THEN: Roy Orbison's haunting mood creation.
    NOW: Idina Minzel's electric thrill – "Defying Gravity" – need I say more?

  40. frances hopkins Reply Feb 17, 2011 at 9:17 am

    My favourite singer was Madonna but now I like abit of David Bowie

  41. Immanuel Solomon Reply Feb 17, 2011 at 9:56 am

    my favourite singer when i was young would be Daniel O'Donell n BoneyM…..right now i adore Chris tomlin n Hayley

    my facebook link is

  42. ooh i lived lionel richie too! but i love rich mullins, chris tomlin, matt redman 😀

  43. Bon Jovi then–don't listen to much these days

  44. Day 4 🙂 I shared this post via my twitter again:

    I forgot all about The Monkeys! I take back my first comment. The Monkeys were my favorite!

  45. I guess maybe Journey as a kid. Now, I don't really have one favorite, I like all kinds of music and truly could not pin it down to just one singer or group.

  46. another singer i liked was a group called a cappella. and now i like chris rice, chris tomlin, matt redman, deliriou5…
    from the fb account jenni lott davis! i hope you pick me 😀

  47. I tweeted this giveway!/tssk10/status/3876146572074
    I shared on Facebook
    I liked this Facebook post
    Twitter – @tssk10 —-


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