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As you probably know by now, February is Blogs Month at OurChurch.Com.  We’re pulling out all the stops to help people develop, improve, and promote blogs.  So, today we’re doing something very simple to advance that goal, a blog roll call.  If you publish a blog, post a comment with the name of your blog, a brief one-sentence description, and the URL.  It’s an opportunity for you to help get the word out about your blog to our 16,000+ readers.

Even if you don’t publish a blog, it’s a great opportunity to see what your fellow CWT readers are writing about.

As long a you’re here reading this blog article, how about helping us out with a few blog-related things.  We would certainly appreciate it.

  • Take a moment to give us some feedback on the Christian Web Tends blog by completing a brief survey.
  • Post a few blogging tips to last week’s How to Start a Blog article
  • Nominate the best articles, comments, and commenters from the first year of the Christian Web Trends Blog.

(Added 2/14) Just to clarify, the idea of the blog roll call is for bloggers to post a link to their blog.  For those of you who have a website but no blog, this is not the place to post a link to promote your website.  Nothing against your site or ministry, it’s just that the focus here is blogs and we want every link in the comments to take the reader to a blog. 

Thanks for your help!  We hope this blog roll call brings lots of new readers to our readers’ blogs.

Paul Steinbrueck is co-founder and CEO of OurChurch.Com, husband, father of 3, blogger. You can follow him on Twitter at @PaulSteinbrueck and add him to your circles at Google+ as +Paul Steinbrueck.

32 Responses to “Blog Roll Call – Comment for a Free Link”

  1. Joe Donahue :: An Evangelist for Today's Hurting Generation

  2. dipnoi

    A Christian blog guiding you to the latest technology resources

  3. If Jesus Had A Website
    Free Church Web Site Design Advice And Discussion

  4. The Watchman Report
    Daily news from the perspective of prophecy and the Word

  5. An ongoing dialog for those following the command of Christ to make disciples of all nations. Podcast, blog and free curriculum for those involved in making disciples.

  6. I am new to blogging, but I think it is the greatest invention since iced tea!!! The ability to reach so many more people, where they are at, is wonderful. A great tool for the Lord!
    Miss Annie

  7. Random thoughts about what God is teaching me and other random thoughts.

  8. TruthMill is the teaching and preaching ministry of C.S. Countryman.

    Although a software developer and all around geek by trade, he was called by the Lord in May of 2005 to proclaim the clear and concise message of the Bible to a generation awash in relativism and confusion.

    Sometimes sappy, sometimes funny, and even sometimes geeky, this is a Christian ministry like no other.

  9. I have three blogs about our activities in Transport For Christ (TFC) a 55 year-old ministry to truck drivers: (personal ministry news); (tfc ministry news) (prayer requests)

  10. Supply The Word

    Supply The Word hopes to spread the love of God through the Internet with scriptural references.

  11. Inspirational stories and musings

  12. Church website and blog ideas: observations on church life and the church of today, and some thoughts from an amateur small church webmaster.

  13. My personal blog about life, ministry, books, sports, and whatever comes to me.

  14. Although I’m very new to blogging, podcasting, and setting up websites I still decided to try my hand at both. Maryland Women of Worship is a new ministry located in the Baltimore, Maryland area. It’s main focus is women helping women. We also produce a quarterly womens’ devotional study guide. I’m still trying to get a handle on blogging. Blog us at.

  15. Reflections: Thoughts on God, Life, and Truth

    I am a pastor serving in a Chinese church in Berkeley, CA. If the Apostle Paul was alive today, I am sure that he would have a blog!

  16. Christian marriage blog.

    Biblical marriage tips and encouragement – because God intended marriage to be a GOOD thing.

  17. As each day passes there are simple things in my day that help me better understand the greatest of God and the Love of Christ. I hope these insights along with my random ‘think tank’ thoughts encourage you in some way to pursue a deeper relationship with Him.

  18. Gathering thoughts on why some succeed in leadership and others don’t.

  19. Helping young people fulfil their potential – mentoring programmes for individuals, schools and youth ministry

  20. …refusing to drink the kool-aid for anyone.

    The No Kool-Aid Zone

  21. A reformational renaissance redneck who likes football, dirt car racing, and photography tries to figure out what it means to follow after the path of Jesus in this post-Christian world we find ourselves in.


  22. “Faith is not belief in spite of evidence, but life in scorn of the consequences.”

    I’m a consultant to faith-based non-profit organizations in strategic planning, fundraising, board development, media relations and crisis management. The Colts R.O.C.K., Tony Stewart is the king of NASCAR, and Christian television is a goiter on the body of the Church.

  23. A Minister’s Thought Process becoming a Disaster Waiting to Happen

  24. e-thoughts…Ethos Thoughts on Life and Leadership.

  25. A great tool for the Lord!

  26. I appreciate all that does to help in advancing the Kingdom of God. Thank you.

  27. This blog is fueled by my passion and vision for helping people and their organizations.

  28. Wonderful message for building Christian principles. I am very happy to find these directions published by Our Church. com.

    America and the World must hear the Holiness and the Kingdom.

  29. What can you expect to see at my website? Well, you can be sure I will be showing off our amazing pictures of our daughter Olivia and writing about our growth as new parents. Also, as a self-professed geek, a devout Christian and husband I will be talking about things that affect me and family and commenting about sports and politics that are just too newsworthy to pass up.

  30. A Proberbs 31 woman works from home. A journal of my journey as a work from home mom and the things I have learned along the way.

    my blog:

  31. Independent Fundamental Baptist Websites

    Thank you OCC and all the staff for your service.

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